Construction software that you'll actually use!

TrackPack™ is a simple app that your entire company can use without arduous training and a large up-front investment. We help companies decrease fuel costs, save man-hours with easy work order management, and better manage their fleets with eDVIR

Access from the field, garage, office, anywhere!

What Does TrackPack™ Do?

Forward looking companies are always looking to solve problems to improve their operations.  We find these companies, ask them questions, identify pain points, and create software to solve them.  Once created, our apps are offered at an affordable rate to other companies sharing these same issue.

TrackPack™ creates tools that will keep you in business going into the future.  We're crusading against steep learning curves, large up-front investments, and the anxiety that comes with investing time and money before the tools prove useful in the field.

Our Current Modules:

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Partner with us to create new solutions

TrackPack shines a light on areas of our operation that were previously hard to manage. Fuel consumption, driver inspection reports, and what is being requested, completed, or ignored in the garage.  Understanding and improving these areas of our business is paramount to our future success.

# Assets Tracked: 153

Jeffrey Laydon
Laydon Industries
New Haven, CT

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Free Demo?

We don't want to sell you, we want to show you.  You'll be able to see a "dummy" company or we can even set up your company to show you how the software works.

What does the software do?

The software consists of a mobile app for inputting information from the field and a dashboard to view and manage all information once it is extracted. The system tracks fuel, manages electronic vehicle inspection reports, and has a dashboard for all service and maintenance tickets.

When will I see results?

On your first day you will be blown away by all of the outstanding tickets that have somehow not been getting dealt with. How can you know if everything is running smoothly without an accountable, organized, and transparent system running.

How hard is it to get started?

We've painstakingly removed all unnecessary steps and created a system that can be effectively run with absolutely no training or implementation period. Operators, mechanics, laborers, anyone can run it!

Will this work for my company?

Any company with a fleet and an in-house mechanic can see extraordinary results by using this simple software.

How much does it cost?

Our simple pricing model is fit for companies of all sizes.  Pricing is a flat rate of $4.95 per asset tracked.

What happens next?

Once you sign up for your free trial, you will see our "Getting Started" page which will explain how to send us your vehicle/equipment list and then we'll set up your account manually and you'll be up and running in hours.


  • Fill out the form and a TrackPack representative will contact you
  • We'll show you a custom demo and how TrackPack will improve your business
  • If you're interested, we will provide you with a free 30-day trial account.