Finally see what is being requested, completed, or ignored in the garage!

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Understand what is happening in the company garage

Until you implement a standardized system to submit work order tickets from the field to the garage you'll always have requests slipping through the cracks, wasted man-hours, mechanic's discretion, and "he said / she said" arguments when things don't get done!

The story behind this module:

There is a terrible inefficiency that plagues most companies that operate a fleet.  The problem being how to communicate service issues from the field to the garage.  Some companies have their employees call into the mechanics directly.  Some email.  Some even drop in and tell the mechanics in person.  This creates many problems:

  • No accountability when/if something goes wrong
  • Miscommunication between field employee and mechanics
  • Mechanics have discretion to ignore certain service or maintenance requests
  • The owner never knows what is pending, completed, or completely ignored
  • Employees waste time explaining issues, following up, and managing the request
  • Mechanics waste time by managing phone calls, paperwork, and secretarial duties

After much discussion in the field we decided the best way to solve this issue would be a ticket dashboard in which employees could add tickets directly from their mobile device, mechanics can see all tickets in an easy to use dashboard, and owners or managers can oversee everything at a glance.

The benefits of this system are plentiful as you'll see on your first day of implementation.

Feature Tour

Submit From The Field

Our mobile input forms were designed to be used by employees in the field without any training. Select the vehicle or piece of equipment that needs service, write what is needed, snap a real time picture, and submit!

View All Outstanding Tasks

Every service request submitted is posted to the mechanic dashboard. From here tickets can be marked as pending and then completed as well as urgency upgraded or downgraded. Print daily tickets out straight from the dashboard and quickly glance to see what is going on in the garage in real time.

Stay Alert

Create custom alerts to be sent to any user within the system. Full service tickets with descriptions and pictures will be sent immediately via email to alert the user of the new ticket created.

Improve Workflow

Each morning your mechanic or office can print out all outstanding service requests and get to work immediately. No ambiguity or guessing what needs to be done today with our streamlined process and improved workflow.

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