Never be in the dark again when it comes to what is written on employee DVIR's 

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Protect your employees, equipment, and company

Are your drivers and operators filling out federally mandated driver vehicle inspection reports?  If so, where is this information going?  If your company is like most, these carbon copy sheets go into a folder never to be seen again ... until something happens.  Protect your company with our electronic inspection reports and deal with issues in real time.

The story behind this module:

We partnered up with a company who called us in to fix a very serious problem.  Every driver is required to fill out a federally mandated driver vehicle inspection report before operating the vehicle.  The problem was two-fold, they didn't know who was filling out the forms and if the form was filled out there was no way to know immediately if there was an issue noted.

If a driver fills out the form and marks 'brakes' as an issue for three days in a row and keeps the form booklet in the truck then proceeds to get into an accident that could have been prevented by fixing the brakes, the company has serious liability.  This is one of those issues that you don't know you have until it's too late.

We developed a simple mobile app that allows drivers to fill out their pre-trip DVIR in seconds with no paper waste.  If there is an issue, a service ticket is created automatically, alerts are sent out, and the issue is logged in the mechanic dashboard.  This gives owners and mechanics the protection of knowing exactly what is happening at all times.

Implement this simple module and empower your employees to take better care of your equipment, show them that you care, and never again lose sleep knowing that your company is in danger each day.

Feature Tour

Easier Than Pen + Paper

Our mobile input forms were designed to be used by employees in the field without any training. Simply select your vehicle or equipment, input miles/hours, check any items that need service, and submit!

Post Issues To Mechanic Dashboard

Most companies do not review inspection reports daily, which exposes you to limitless liability. Now if an employee reports something wrong, the system will immediately create a service ticket and bring it to your attention.

Keep Anyone In The Loop

When a failed inspection report is submitted you may want to make your mechanic aware of this ticket immediately. As employees can select the urgency of the problem, you may only want to send instant email alerts for emergency tickets only, it's up to you.

Standard Inspection Reports

We can all recognize this standard federally mandated vehicle inspection report. Our system will take your data, including the time, date, and name of person who performed the service and create an identical standard vehicle inspection report. Print out the last 30 days and present to law enforcement or submit the last 4 years of data when selling a piece of equipment!

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