How much of your fuel is being stolen, misused, or wasted?

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Control every drop of fuel company-wide

Fuel can account for as much as one third of equipment operating expenses.  Not tracking this huge expense is no longer acceptable if your company plans on staying operational in the next few years.  Track your fuel and watch your net profit rise.

The story behind this module:

We were contacted by a company that was having trouble tracking their fuel consumption.  Most software fell short on tracking consumption out in the field.  When they purchase in bulk at the docks it goes into a fuel truck.  From there it is dispensed into dump trucks, heavy equipment, and smaller tanks attached to pickup trucks which brings it deeper into the field to be dispensed into bulldozers, cut saws, generators, etc - which is where most other software solutions fells short.

Another issue they were facing was tracking on-road fuel that is consumed in off-road machinery, which is eligible for a tax credit.  Without an accurate tracking method which will stand up to an audit, you may be losing money.

Tracking fuel has saved money by reducing their usage (what's measured, improves), preventing theft (every drop is now tracked), and identifying waste (analyze data to identify inconsistencies).

Feature Tour

Easy To Use Mobile App

Our mobile input forms were designed to be used by employees in the field without any training. Capture every purchase and dispense directly from the field as easy as writing it down with a pen and paper including "crossover" dispenses when clearing the line from on road fuel to off road.

Quick Glance Dashboard

Now that your employees in the field are inputting all of the data, you can begin analyzing it. The dashboard shows your vital stats at a glance or drill deeper using custom reports, graphs, and charts.

Insightful Data

Whether you want to view every purchase or dispense by employee, vehicle, equipment, source, type, etc. you can create the report in seconds using our simple filtering system. From here you can export to .csv or .xls and use the data as needed.

In Depth Reporting

View or print an in depth report showing every purchase and dispense by fuel type, tank, vehicle, on road into off road equipment, and more. This report will make tax time a breeze and will keep the accounting department happy!

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